Stop by for some loose leaf tea, whimsical gifts, and lots of giggles.

Elizabeth Kingswood


Whimsy Tea & Gifts offers a full line of tea, tea ware, and whimsical gifts to make your day (or the day of your favorite special someone). We have fun gifts and cards for dog and cat lovers, unicorn and mermaid lovers, llama and cactus lovers, as well as RBG, Frida Kahlo and Princess Leia lovers. And more. We have fun mugs, wallets, key chains, pins, magnets, scarves, soaps, notepads—lots of perfect gifts at affordable prices. Who could ask for more!

We offer the full line of Loose Leaf Women teas. This tea company was started to combine fantastic tasting, high-quality teas with great packaging—perfect for gift giving or personal enjoyment. Each tea is carefully blended to taste fabulous, even without sweeteners. The packaging is designed to bring a smile to each cup of tea brewed.

The owner—Elizabeth Kingswood—has an eclectic background. She is a certified tea spealist, has a PhD in Mythology, has over 30 years in design and marketing, and is a published novelist. She wanted to create a place of joy that celebrates women.

Come in for sips and giggles!

Whimsy Tea and Gifts is located in historic Old Town Albuquerque. 


400 Romero St. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104

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11am - 5pm